Fire at Will

Tom O’Hanlan

Episode Summary

I’m chatting with Tom O’Hanlan today of BookerLAB ( Tom started his first company in 1986 called Sealevel Systems ( and grew it into a thriving multi-million dollar company. After retiring in 2016, Tom couldn’t stay away so he started BookerLAB, combining his love of computer hardware and music. Tom is one of my favorite people. He’s about as antithetical to the average CEO as any I’ve met. His personality is as big as his stories. We talk about a lot in this episode: business, music, and we even get into a little about what is happening in the world today. We livestream these chats on Facebook as well. Just go to to see the latest episodes. And while you’re there, could you take a moment to follow and share? It would really help. Thank you for listening!